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The Setter Club of Queensland
Re-established in September, 2012
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Historically, The Setter Club of Queensland was formed as a Social Club in the 1970's and ran for some years until 1982 when affiliation was granted and it held its first show (a Parade) in February 1983 judged by Graham Schmidt and running their first Championship Specialty Setter Show in 1984.  The club continued to run shows and promote the 4 Setter breeds until 2004.  The club did most of its fundraising at that time by providing catering for other club shows which provided the much needed funds for the running of Specialty Shows until it was wound-up in 2004 due to diminishing numbers and workers in the club.

The Club has now re-established to have a united and public face of the 4 Setter Breeds in Queensland (The English Setter; The Gordon Setter; The Irish Red & White Setter and the Irish Setter).  The club is now an identified club for the 4 Setter Breeds to ensure that Queensland has an active voice within the purebred fraternity and Queensland is included in the progress of the breeds in Australia now and in the future.

The current members of the club are enthusiastic and excited about the club and are keen to promote the public image, foster and promote the interests of the 4 Setter breeds. 

The club is keen to be involved in community;  promotional and fun social activities.

The club is also a point of contact for any rescue or rehoming for any of the 4 Setter breeds. 

The club would love anyone who has a Setter or has a genuine interest in the future of the Setter breeds in Queensland to visit our facebook page (the link is just under the heading above).  On the page, you will find information and contact details for the club and also the membership form if you wish to join the club.

History of Some Prominent Irish Setter Kennels in Queensland
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Rosebrook Kennels - Jo Belschner – 1950 - ?

Jo and her husband Frank came from England after the 1939-45 war, Jo having escaped from Belgium to England at the commencement of this war (before migrating here (Australia)). They settled on a Peanut Farm at Kingaroy and were there for many years where Jo established her Rosebrook Irish Setters and showed them with great success. They then moved to Dohles Rock Road, Kallangar.

Previous to this they had been in Western Australia where Jo had purchased stock coming from the great champion Marsksman of Ide (Imp UK), bred by Jo Bradden who told me on one of his judging appointments here, Australia would have never seen Marksman but for the war. He had sent him here to Australia for safety from the saturation bombing England suffered during this war.

It was undoubtedly Australia’s gain. Jo had great success with Ch Rosebrook Irish Laddie, a stylish Irish who took scores of Best in Show awards for her in his career. She was fortunate in obtaining Chaleynmidon Echo, a lovely bitch and litter sister to Chekysmidon Macushla owned by the Lamberts of Sydney (Tara Kennels) who had also had a distinquished career in the show ring.

Jo sent Echo to Victoria to the new imported Champion Gaeilge Moval Red Admiral (Imp UK) a grandson of the famous Ch Wendover Beggar. From this litter came three big winners, Ch. Rosebrook Irish Red Sultana, a bitch Jo retained and called “Lola” and winner of a Melbourne Royal Challenge amongst her many B.I.S’s. Her litter sister owned by Matson Faux who name escapes me who also took, I think 2 Brisbane Royal Challenges amongst her wins and Ch. Rosebrook Irish Piper C.D. owned by myself. This dog (“Mike” took 3 successive Brisbane royal Challenges and one Sydney Royal Challenge amongst overt a score of B.I.S’s (all breeds). This dog was, at that time, a great favourite of many exhibitors and a real extrovert. So between these three from the litter, seven Royal Challenges were amassed, no mean feat as the quality of Irish Setters at that time was very high.

Ray Sully was at that time, President of the Gundog and Heavy Breeds club in Brisbane and a great “sportsman”. He, to my knowledge, never bred Irish, but he had a lovely bitch he had purchased from Jo Belsehner “Ch. Rosebrook Irish Red Queen”, and she won well for Ray.

Ray was also actually interested in obedience and helped form the first obedience club here in Queensland. The Obedience Dog Club of Brisbane.

I am not sure if “Red Queen” ever took a challenge at a Brisbane Royal but she was reserve challenge in 1963 for my excellent bred bitch, Ch Erinveine Evadne, bred by David Irvine. Red Queen also had many top group and show awards though Ray was essentially a field dog man, but successfully combined show and fieldwork with his lovely Irish Setter bitch “Red Queen”. She being the first Irish Setter in Queensland to gain her C.D. Title from the Club, Ray had been a driving force in establishing.

Chasley Kennels - Daisy Pinnell

Daisy had, perhaps, the most successful Irish Setters in top show awards of her era, late 50’s and early 60’s, and was a well known and liked “personality” of the Dog World and for many years was Secretary of the National Kennel Club, now the Northern Classic.

Daisy purchased a lovely bitch Ch. Corandee Patrice from victoria, call name “Honey” and this she was – a truly lovely bitch, who I think was by the English Ch. Hartsbourne Brutus (Imp UK). Honey had great wins and was mated to Ch. Cruchfield Bit of Blarney (Imp UK) and brought here by Helen Sapio who would be remembers for her “Cruchfield” prefix and the great number of gundog imports she brought to this country. Many will remembers Ch Cruchfield Bit of Blarney.

Daisy kept Ch. Chasley Patrice, a truly lovely bitch who “winning ways” would be hard to match. Amongst scores of B.I.S’s (all breeds) her many Brisbane royal Challenges, a Melbourne Royal Challenge, BOB and Opposite Sex of Group under the English Judge, the Earl of Northesk. “She” as Daisy called her also took Opposite Sex of Show at a show here where all the clubs have “combined” to bring Joe Bradden to after a southern appointment he had accepted. At a critique after this Show, Bradden said “Sue” was amongst the bet Irish he’d ever judged.

Early 1960, Daisy was ill and ultimately had to have an operation. She had fainted at a couple of shows and as a close friend just coming into Irish, I took over showing Sue for Daisy. She was such a lovely bitch she won for me also.

I add here “Honey” Sue’s dam was often Res. Challenge to her daughter when shown. Honey was getting older of course at this time and wasn’t shown so much, but only ever took second place to her daughter.

Fay MacDonald (NSW) had purchased a litter sister of Sue from Daisy, and she also did a fabulous lot of winning for Fay. These Irish Setters of Daisy Pennel’s were undoubtedly the winners of the greatest number of top awards Queensland had, I think ever!

Glenarm Kennels - Frank and Rita Peden

Many present day Irish folk will remembers Frank. Their foundation bitch was “Ch Enniskillan Mahogany Sue” who won well for them in the late 50’s. They mated her to Jo Belsehner’s dog Ch Rosebrook Irish Laddie and retained a bitch, Ch Glenarm Nora who also did a lot of winning for them for years.

At almost the same time, a month or so later, than Jo Belsehner’s Echo, Red Admiral litter “Sue” their foundation bitch, produced a litter for them also to Red Admiral. They kept a dog Ch. Glenarm Bracken who won quite well for them. Lovely Irish, perhaps unfortunate to being shown against Daisy Pennell’s exquisite pair.

Kelsherry Kennels - Misses York and Davies

This pair of ladies had Irish for many, many years, but I never really knew them as I think they didn’t show a lot, but bred some lovely quality Irish, and even today, we see the “Kelsherry” prefix on quality winning Irish Setters and sires and dams of today’s winners.

Recollections written by Pam Andrews (RIP)
Thank you to Mary Clarke for providing this important history

Rhuboda Kennels – Mrs Clarke, Mary Clarke and Norman Clarke – 1978 - 1995

Mrs Clarke, her daughter, Mary Clarke and son Norman commenced their Kennel with foundation stock, Ch. Kelsherry Llanell (“Kelly”), Ch. Kelsherry Danielle and Ch. Eileenja Elias.

When Kelly was 3 years old in late 1980, Norm took Kelly to obedience training. That night a club official making the usual encouraging overtures to all the newcomers confides … “We’ll be able to train you, Sir, but I’m not sure about an Irish Setter!”.

By July, 1981, Kelly had proven the sceptics wrong by gaining her Companion Dog (CD) title and Norm Clarke had launched himself into a new pastime which snowballed. This was the start of a most successful string of obedience qualifications and titles for many of the Rhuboda dogs bred from this Kennel and all handled by Norm.

Norm simultaneously trained with Kelly and Elias. This determined effort resulted in a CD title for Elias in 1982, a CDX (Companion  Dog Excellence) for Kelly in 1983 and a CDX for Elias in 1984. Not content with training two at once, Norm had, by this time, been making ready with Kelly’s daughter, Ch Kelsherry Danielle and Danielle’s son, Ch. Rhuboda Aibail. Both gained their CD titles in 1984.

By April, 1985 Aibial had gained his CDX title and unbounded enthusiasm for obedience work. In 1986, at the tender age of 3 years and 3 months, and after competing in only five trials at Utility level, Aibial delighted his owners by attaining his UD (Utility Dog) title. Norm also trained his brother, Ch. Rhuboda Adhamh and Ch. Rhuboda Corcair (S. E.Elias/D. K. Llanell) trialling them both to their CD titles.

1987 saw Danielle return to the obedience ring and Danny was joined by her grand-daughter, Ch. Rhuboda Dana and Norm trialled these two bitches to their CDX and CD titles respectively in that same year.

My own Rhuboda Dog, “Reny” Ch. Rhuboda Gairiaid excelled in the obedience ring, gaining 191 in his first CD trial and won many places and was “Top Novice Dog of the Year” at his home Club in Mackay apart from winning competitions at other clubs during the time he competed for his CD title. He also was shown locally and won many in group awards during his career.

Mary and Norm continued their mother’s dream to breed English Type Irish Setters from their farm in Petrie, North of Brisbane up till the 1990’s. They bred many healthy litters with great temperaments and many Rhuboda IS were shown and trialled successfully throughout Queensland.

Written by Cheryl Gorey (with extracts from an article written by Trudy Upton)

Rednasyl Kennels – Dawn and Kevin Lewis – 1971 - 1996

To be Written by Dawn Lewis

Listowel Kennels – Graham Hall – 1968 - 1983

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